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I just returned from Walt Disney World and that I could only spend 1 day there, boy was it pricey! I really don’t feel as though I was trapped by expensive-ness since it was my first time in Walt Disney World and it was my daughter’s first time also. Walt Disney World was a childhood dream cut short by a pocket.

So my first trip was a success, but I love cheap and free things and with a daughter who’s interested in Walt Disney Cinderella, Winnie Pooh and Friends, Handy Mandy, Disney’s Little Einsteins, and Belle, Beauty and the Beast to mention a few. I know that we will be going back to Walt Disney World; however, staying in an on site Walt Disney World Hotel and Resort on another trip was out of sight according to my study for the first excursion. I didn’t have $3,200 and to stay 7 days, and I still do not.

When I read that Walt Disney World’s 5-Star hotel retail price $3,110 for 10 days, but Beth’s price is $1,130 during PEAK Season!

I needed to have the book! This time I think we will visit Walt Disney MGM Studios! Now planning a grand vacation takes some time, saving money takes much more time.

Trust me, I have proposed a London, Edinburgh, and Far East holidays and I get value for my buck. However, my first visit to Walt Disney World we had a magic moment, but having to watch the pennies wasn’t quite as magical for me as saving money would have been.

. The Ultimate Disney World Saving’s Guide is written by a woman who was an employee of Walt Disney World and is currently a travel writer. Who better to understand the tricks of the trade?

I turned on my computer and started reading. I learned how to save around $500 only on Walt Disney World Ticket costs Alone! Wow, those tickets aren’t affordable. I also learned how to get exclusive discounts on 7 and 5 day park hopper tickets! These aren’t a good ideas except in case you’re going to be at Walt Disney World for more then seven days.

I really like shopping for souvenirs and not always souvenirs either! I love searching for anything and saving big by purchasing downtown and that I might have paid anywhere from 10 to 75 percent less than the theme park rates. Now that is saving!

I learned when exactly are the low and high cost seasons and how to shop around for the best buys-online! I also discovered what airlines are the most secure and will not cancel my trip, making my non-refundable tickets to Orlando, Florida invalid. Do you know that Walt Disney World provides a free “magical state” shuttle and baggage service? So if you’re staying in an onsite hotel, there’ll be no more waiting for your luggage at the airport your luggage is delivered straight to your hotel room! Wow!

We were in Orlando, Florida for ten days, it rained daily at, without fail daily at 3:00 p.m., and now I know what I might have done on those rainy days! And I know which one park I must visit! (This did not use to me this time around, but I know for next time!)

Hungry? Learn what’s okay to bring within the Parks with you and what you need to leave at the resort. But if you are fortunate enough for Character Dining in the Crystal Palace-it’s the Best Buffet in Walt Disney World ORĀ Merritt Island Opossum Removal at least in my opinion!

There may be traces at Walt Disney World and now I understand how to beat those long lines and which goes quicker! And my favorite, the concealed entrances and there are some of these “shortcuts” to theme parks and attractions bypassing the majority of the crowds.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Disney’s Goofy, Space Ship Earth, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, Disney’s Tinkerbelle, Toontown, and Fantasyland, what bliss, what pleasure, if Mom and Dad can afford the Cost!

So, why not plan a cheap Disney holiday? Because I will and you will see me on the Barnstormer, in Fantasyland, and Downtown Disney, Orlando, trigger, I’ll stick to the steps, and save thousand of dollars and laugh until the last firework bursts from the atmosphere!

The Disney Wide World of Sports Complex is for the spouse when you are there many times so you can take your kiddies into Disney’s new Wilderness Preserve, I have seen this on the Travel Channel, and boy is it nice!

Can we say Playhouse Disney and Disney MGM Studios? This is where your children can meet up with the cast of Playhouse Disney and the Clubhouse run by Disney’s Mickey Mouse. Oh my, I can’t wait to see my daughter’s face once we go there since it is going to look exactly the same as when she watched Cinderella’s Castle.

My husband raves about the various states of Epcot Center and I’m looking forward to seeing it with him. And then there’s Disney’s Animal Kingdom and last, but not least is the little known Toll Free Number for Walt Disney World! I will be burning up the phone wires using this phone number!

My first visit to Walt Disney World could have just been for one day, with this ebook, another one we’ll be for at remain for 10 or more days in a Walt Disney World Hotel and Resort! Hope your next Walt Disney World Vacation is as powerful as mine aims to be!

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